Company Culture

Safe. Effective. Innovative.

Our Dedication to Service Creates True Customer Value

With decades of experience in the industry, it would have been easy to maintain the status quo. But CDI was founded to challenge norms, to innovate and to create true value for our customers every day.

We challenge ourselves. We challenge each other. We create solutions for you through the last mile.

What does SERVICE mean to us?

It means dedication to high quality in action and commitment to forming strong relationships with customers, vendors and our employees.


Employees are our family. A safe work environment is our top priority.

Employer of Choice

Our culture nurtures the growth of our employees to reach their full potential.

Respect for What’s Right

We demonstrate integrity in our operations, including with our green initiatives toward sustainable development.

Vendor Relationships

Our vendors are partners in providing excellent service. If they work with us, they’ll work for you.


Our environment stimulates creative ideas and encourages thinking outside the box to provide value to our customers.

Customer Focus

Our customers are at the center of what we do. “Good enough” isn’t close enough.


We leverage knowledge, experience and adaptability to achieve operational excellence.

2021 Checker’s & Rally’s Supplier of the Year Award Recipient


Customer Satisfaction Average

October 2020 – September 2021

Employees Are Our Family

Employee safety isn’t a matter of meeting minimum guidelines. It’s not a matter of avoiding fines. It is baked into everything we do. We want our employees to have the safest, most effective worksites possible, in the warehouse, on the road or delivering to your doors.

We know that safe workers provide the best service. It’s all part of our commitment to our customers, the community and to each other.

Employees are our family. We protect them like you protect yours.

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“CDI is a trusted and valued partner in SMS’s national distribution network. For over ten years, CDI has delivered high-level results to Popeyes restaurants throughout the Southeastern US. CDI aligns with SMS’s goal of providing Popeyes franchisees quality service with an advantageous cost/benefit ratio. CDI is also dedicated to building and maintaining long-term partnerships with our team, the franchise community, and our supplier partners. We at SMS are very pleased with our alliance with CDI and heartily endorse their service.”

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