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Flexibility. Innovation. a singular Focus on Your Needs.

Reliable Multiple Power Sourcing on Trucks of All Sizes to Get Your Deliveries Through the Last Mile

Every road is different, and every shipment is different. With a mix of CDL and non-CDL trucks, we’re able to provide the exact size, speed and agility you need to get your shipments to your location on time. With multiple power sourcing, we are able to ensure reliability in fleet operation.

Innovation Fueling Efficiency To The Last Mile


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Customer Satisfaction

“Ryder is committed to providing innovative technology and solutions to our customers, and our partnership with CDI is a great way of delivering on that promise. Ryder has worked with Dan Klasen, Director of Fleet Operations at CDI for more than two decades.

We can’t say enough about the integrity of the entire CDI management staff and their focus on providing optimum service levels for their customers.”

Lea Matias, Vice President Enterprise Account, Ryder System, Inc.

Smaller Trucks, Faster Delivery

Not every shipment needs a 18-wheel rig. Moving from the warehouse to the store might require smaller, faster, non-CDL vehicles. Our fleet includes vehicles that can move down urban streets with tight parking to load and unload without issue. Smaller vehicles also offer multiple dispatch opportunities.

Our fleet is designed to accommodate your location. We’re built for your road.

Multiple Power Sourcing

To maintain reliability in operation, our vehicles have multiple power sources. That means batteries in the tractor, trailer and reefer. This innovation ensures that there is always power for temperature control, tractor and lift gate operation, thereby preventing unnecessary interruption or delay on the road.

Deliveries of Any Size

Whether you need a shipment with hundreds of items in multiple temperature zones or a van full of dry goods, we’ve got you covered. Our fleet works around your business and your needs, no matter the distance.

Our customer-focused approach covers what you need when you need it.


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October 2020 – September 2021

Other Custom Distribution Services

Our system is designed to maximize efficiency by empowering our people and embracing technology.

Warehouse Services

NSF certification and technology, hard-work and ingenuity to ensure on-time delivery of frozen, refrigerated and ambient products when you need them.

Logistics and Planning

Logistics and planning are where our years of experience meet the relentless drive for innovation to get your deliveries through the last mile.

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