Customized Distribution

Smarter. Nimbler. Faster.

From the Warehouse through the Last Mile, We’re Moving Faster and Smarter for You.

Freshness and availability matter to you, which means they matter to us. We’re using technology and innovative fleet management and warehousing techniques to improve all aspects of logistics.

Logistics and Planning

Logistics and planning are where years of experience meet the relentless drive for innovation. Taking advantage of smart technology and industry know-how is what gets your deliveries through the last mile. We feature:

  • The latest routing technology
  • A delivery platform uniquely designed to increase productivity and safety
  • Smart tracking to protect drivers and maximize efficiency

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Distribution Fleet

High-tech multiple power sourcing in CDL and non-CDL trucks that match your unique needs.

We have organized our fleet around the way commerce works now. With a fleet that includes smaller and more nimble vehicles, we’re able to move more quickly and efficiently and have multiple dispatch opportunities. With multiple power sources in different vehicle locations, we are able to ensure reliability of temperature control and vehicle and lift gate functionality. Such innovation allows us to:

  • Execute on-time and in-full delivery, regardless of location
  • Offer custom shipping services
  • Avoid power-related interruption and delay

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“I have met and worked with the new management team and they are young and energetic. With all the challenges we face within the distribution arena, CDI is willing to not only work with, but rather together, with their customer to solve any issues. I look forward to growing and maintaining a relationship with CDI.”

Bakatali Samnani


Chunara Food Group

Warehouse Services

Smarter warehousing solutions to create true efficiency

A well-run warehouse is compliant and combines technology, hard-work and ingenuity to ensure on-time delivery of frozen, refrigerated and ambient products when you need them. Our warehouses are:

  • NSF certified
  • Multi-temperature facilities (frozen, refrigerated, ice cream and ambient)
  • GS1-Ready
  • Run by employees empowered to be their best

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See how CDI can change the way your supply chain operates, from the warehouse to the last mile.

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