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Customer-Focused, GS1-Ready and NSF Certified: A Better Way to Warehouse

Our GS1-ready NSF certified warehouses are customer-focused, technologically efficient, and managed to ensure employee well-being. expertise, customer-focus, and employee well-being. Through our approach, we’ve created an atmosphere where our employees are empowered to get your products delivered safely and on-time.

Providing warehouse services the right way is the only way.

“I like working for CDI. Our company has a strong commitment to safety and our safety team is very knowledgeable. Management and employee supervisors are very understanding, and our Human Resource team is always willing to help. Our transportation and warehouse teams work closely together to get our drivers on their routes out to deliver products on time.”

Calvin Faison – Operations Manager

Innovation Fueling Efficiency To The Last Mile


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GS1-Ready Warehouses

In a global economy, you need consistently reliable information to prevent inaccuracy and delay. We keep our partners safe and their goods moving, every time.  This requires standardized processes and good data flowing through a synchronized network. In our GS1-ready warehouses, we efficiently collect and monitor data to ensure traceability and efficiency in moving your products every day.

An Embrace of Logistics

Logistics and planning start before products are even picked. We plan around your schedule, organizing our warehouses for maximum efficiency in picking, storing, loading/unloading and achieving compliance.


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October 2020 – September 2021

Multi-temperature Facilities for Any Products

You might need frozen food shipped with refrigerated and ambient products. Our warehouses can store any product (including ice cream!) at its required temperature, providing you with the service that you need.

A Focus on Employee Safety and Satisfaction

Protecting our employees is our way – it comes from caring about the people who work for us. Through treating our employees well, they are encouraged and empowered to care about your products. When we work together, we work better.

Other Custom Distribution Services

Our system is designed to maximize efficiency by empowering our people and embracing technology.

Distribution Fleet

High-tech multiple power sourcing and a CDL and non-CDL fleet designed to be faster, more nimble, and more responsive to your needs. It’s shipping for the modern economy.

Logistics and Planning

Logistics and planning are where our years of experience meet the relentless drive for innovation to get your deliveries through the last mile.

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See how CDI can change the way your supply chain operates, from the warehouse to the last mile.

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