Creating and Adapting New Technologies and Innovation To Resolve Every Logistical Challenge

Connected technology, GIS and smart systems are changing every aspect of the logistics and shipping industry. With decades in the field, we know how to adapt and create the technological developments that bring cutting-edge innovation to your supply chain.

Our distribution services are enhanced by our commitment to utilizing the most advanced logistical and shipping technology in the world. Technology helps us move faster, smarter and more safely and efficiently to solve any logistical challenge you might face.

With temperature control, smart tracking and innovative delivery platforms, we’re paving the way for a more efficient and productive future.

Meet Our Key Innovation Partners

CDI employs Samsara technology to streamline its operational system.

Driver Tracking Technology

Driver tracking features include:

Real Time GPS:
Samsara’s “to-the-second” GPS tracking and smart geofencing gives you best-in-class visibility to improve route performance and provide better service for your customers.

Advanced Fuel and Vehicle Diagnostics:
Surface opportunities to improve your bottom line. Automate preventative maintenance, reduce downtime, identify fuel waste, and right-size your fleet with utilization data.

Automated Workflows to Reduce Day-to-Day Tasks:
Streamline communication from the office to the field. Go paperless to simplify reporting and administration and maximize fleet productivity.


Compliance features include:

Streamline Compliance Workflows:
Intuitive tools for your drivers and back office help simplify compliance throughout your organization. Maintain compliance while keeping up with changing regulations, driver training, onsite safety, and admin management.

Reduce Compliance Risks & Violations:
With proactive alerting for your drivers, sites, and admins it’s easy to stay on top of compliance and avoid risk. Create seamless workflows that help to prevent violations before they happen.

Save Time on Compliance Management:
Improve efficiency with digitized workflows and visibility into key compliance metrics. Pre-built and exportable reports for HOS, DVIRs, FSMA, and more.

CDI utilizes Rehrig Pacific Company’s FusionTM Sled to transport packaging safely and efficiently.

The food industry’s transport packaging has not kept up with the times. Many obstacles still remain to safe and efficient delivery of products, but we have found a solution to address those obstacles at each step of the food distribution supply chain.

Rehrig Pacific’s Fusion Sled innovates the stages of delivery reducing injuries, training costs, product damage and delivery time, while increasing driver retention and sustainability. Each Fusion Sled is engineered specifically to fit the products we deliver and our specific supply chain.

Nothing in food logistics is one-size-fits-all, and innovation is the key to an effectively managed supply chain that maximizes speed to market. All of our more than 40,000 SKUs comprising perishable and non-perishable food items now move together safely and efficiently through our supply chain, due to the innovative Fusion Sled.

CDI maximizes operational efficiency by using Thermo King’s Refrigeration Unit Technology.

The time-sensitive nature of food deliveries means that customers need to be confident that their food orders will arrive on time.

Thermo King’s entire mission is about improving the quality of life. Their products and people deliver peace of mind to our customers by ensuring passengers and temperature-sensitive goods make it to their destinations safely and efficiently. Their goal is to ensure that we make that process simple and easy to do.

CDI uses the Precedent C-600 Trailer Refrigeration Unit. With this unit, we can enjoy these features:

  • CARB-compliant for seven years
  • Delivers double digit fuel savings
  • Superior temperature control
  • Mechanical fuel injection
  • < 25 horsepower engine

“I am excited to be working with a team of folks I have known for many years in the Food Distribution business. CDI now has a management team that knows the industry and they know what they are doing. The key players in this group have worked for some big names in foodservice and all have achieved the highest levels of success. Dick DiStasio has put together an all-star team with a depth of experience in all facets of moving food and restaurant related supplies to end users quickly and efficiently. I am looking forward to working with this talented team as they develop their customer base and become a force in the Foodservice Industry.”

Ritchie McQueeney

President, Fleet Source Thermo King

CDI increases productivity with IBM management software.

CDI  has built the most productive workforce in the nation through Lean Process design, Labor Management, utilization tracking, and a highly engaged workforce.

Labor cost is typically the single largest expense of any third party logistics company, yet for most third party logistics companies it is the least measured, tracked, and controlled. That is not the case at CDI.

We leverage engineering expertise from IBM to ensure our labor expectations are reasonable, while also maintaining an efficient and well-utilized workforce. Having a productive workforce allows us to provide competitive wages and benefits while also operating at a low cost for our customers.

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